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free iptv server url arabic channels août 02.08.2020


free IPTV server URL Arabic channels août 02.08.2020

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Arabi users can now watch all channels they want for free from free IPTV server URL Arabic and downloading IPTV files.

there are a lot of fo channels that you watch, you will just download IPTV files.

there are Arabic channels, American, British, African, German, and all premium IPTV channels for each country.

Names of the most common premium channels that can be plated by free IPTV server URL:

  1. sports channels such as Bein sports IPTV, Dubai sport, Iraq sport, and Saudi sport.
  2. On bouquets.
  3. Fox sport.
  4. Fox movies.
  5. CBS channel.
  6. HBO channel which is specialized in many famous series such as “Game Of Thrones and Vikings”.
  7. you can watch all these premium series for free with m3u files.
  8. NBA live for basket addicted.
  • Spacetoon which is a famous channel for children as it presents cartoon films.
  • sone free Arab channels such as CBC, Rotana, AL-Nahar.
  • some common news and economy channels such as “BBC and Sky news”.
  • A lot of religious channels for Arabs such as: “Al Majd – Al Afasy “.

the steps of playing such channels on devices by free IPTV server URL:

  • download a video player app that runs files of the m3u channel list.
  • the steps are similar to those of TV and PC, there is no big difference.
  • you would like the app store or google play and download an application that runs IPTV files.
  •  your mobile pho,e must have an IPTV file located in a specific position.
  • in the application, you would select the file from the list storage and run it.
  • download IPTV and m3u file, and check that it`s a valid one.
  • now you will just open the playlist file on the app.


what is special about m3u channels playlist that runs by free IPTV server URL?


  • IPTV is better than the traditional TVs as it has more and more channels, even premium ones that need to be paid for.
  • M3u channels have many qualities to fit with your internet speed.
  • with IPTV, you can watch any channel from any country for free while you are at home.

Download Files

1) Download serveur IPTV ARABIC M3U 02.08.2020


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