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worldwide iptv m3u playlist free download August 02.08.2020


worldwide IPTV m3u playlist free download August 02.08.2020

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for all people around the world, you can download worldwide IPTV m3u playlist 2020 free.

with a playlist full of channels you would enjoy watching HD movies, sports matches, series, and different programs.

you can watch the channels on your phone, laptop or on you smart TV.


how to run worldwide IPTV m3u playlist on mobile phones:

there are three main simple steps lead you to have such a great TV on your phone:

  1. Go to the store on your mobile phone (android or ios) and download any application that recognizes the IPTV file and runs it.
  2. you would like the app store or google play and download an application that runs IPTV files.
  3. your mobile phone must have an IPTV file located in a specific position.
  4. install the app and launch it.
  5. It`s, of course, necessary to download the m3u playlist file on your phone.
  6. from the app, you would open the file of the channel list.
  7. in a few seconds, you will be able to watch the channels with high picture and sound quality free.


how would worldwide IPTV m3u playlist work on PC? 

  • At first, you need a program to run an IPTV file.

there are a lot of free video player programmes that can run the m3u files.

  • the regular step is to download an IPTV file that contains the list of channels you like to watch.
  • upload the file to the programme and it would present all channels you prefer for free.


how to set up worldwide IPTV m3u playlist on the smart TVs:

Anyone can have all channels bouquets free on his smart TV nowadays.

the main steps of the setup are:

  • from the smart TV store, you would download an application specialized in running IPTV files on the smart TV.
  • the m3u playlist file must exist on your smart TV.
  • launch the app and from “open file” order you can select the channel list file.
  • you can use the remote control to watch the channel you like.

Download Files

1) Download serveur IPTV WORLD M3U 02.08.2020


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